Welcome to the Miracle INFINITI of Augusta Service Center
At Miracle INFINITI of Augusta, we care about your vehicle. Ensuring it stays in great shape means you can explore the Augusta and Martinez, Georgia, and North Augusta, South Carolina, region to the fullest in a reliable way.
This is why our dealership has a state-of-the-art service center on our lot, providing expert maintenance and repairs for your INFINITI or other make of vehicle. Our professionals strive to keep your ride running its best well into the future in style.

Why Choose Our Service Center?
Our service facility is truly industry-leading. From our expertly trained professional technicians to next-gen equipment and technologies alongside a fully stocked parts department, we have everything needed to ensure that your vehicle runs at its best.
Our team is well-versed in their knowledge, enabling them to tend to the specific needs and requirements of both luxury and economy cars. Whether you’re in need of quick maintenance or an extensive repair, your vehicle will be in capable hands.
To make your time with us even more rewarding, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of advantages for all of our local drivers who service with us. Some include:
Easy online scheduling from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Comfortable lounge where you can relax while you wait

Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility to keep up with both work and pleasure

Convenient drop-off services that work around your busy schedule–even after hours!

Routine & Preventive Maintenance Done Right

Technician Using Tablet to Inspect Car

There’s nothing much better than having a reliable vehicle. If you can drive your set of wheels to the 100,000-, 200,000-, or even 300,000-mile mark, that’s a big source of pride, and our team is here to help make it possible.
So, what’s the best course of action to achieve that goal? Our professionals agree it’s following the recommended maintenance for your specific vehicle. This is where our team of specialists comes in.
Thoroughly trained and certified, our team of technicians will work off your model’s unique maintenance schedule to help prevent issues and keep it performing at its peak. Leaving your vehicle in the hands of our specialists allows them to take care of routine check-ups, run diagnostics, and perform any services needed depending on your car’s mileage and condition.
The next time your ride needs any of the following, our crew will be happy to handle the work for you:
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake repairs
  • Oil changes and other fluid replacements
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Battery tune-ups and more!
Proper and routine maintenance plays a vital part in the long-term health and vitality of your vehicle, as well as its overall value throughout the years. Whether you’re in need of a simple oil change or complete maintenance, we are happy to assist. Our team would be honored to help keep you and your vehicle on the road safely and confidently for a long time to come.
Professional Vehicle Repairs

Technician Working Under the Hood

If your set of wheels ever needs some extra TLC between maintenance visits, our team has you covered there as well. All of our technicians continue their education after their initial training, so you can rely on them to handle even significant vehicle issues.
Thanks to the latest diagnostic systems and equipment, they can determine the root cause of your car’s issue, come up with a plan of action, and get to work quickly.
Their effective and efficient service lets you get back on the road quicker, and they always keep you updated on the work they’re doing as well as the state of your model. They can even tackle body repair post collisions to ensure that your vehicle is healthy, safe, and looking great!
If you ever find your vehicle needing the following, schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure you’ll feel confident in a dependable ride when you slide behind the wheel again:
  • Brake service
  • Transmission and engine work
  • Battery replacement
  • Tire and alignment service
  • Bodywork and more!
Signs Your Car Might Need Service
If you’re unsure whether your vehicle might need service, chances are, it will let you know. Watch for the following common indicators that something is wrong with your car, and if you spot any, schedule your appointment with our team right away:

Fluid Leaks

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There are a lot of different fluids that help your vehicle run as it should. However, none of them should be leaking from your ride. If you notice a puddle under your car, give us a call. Our technicians can determine where it’s coming from, what caused the leak, and fix it.

Odd Noises

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Cars make noise, but as your vehicle’s owner, you know better than anyone whether its sounds are typical or not. If you ever hear roaring, clunking, squeaking, grinding, or anything else out of the norm, our team is here to help.

Strange Smells

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Some odors that emit from your vehicle can be expected, while others could be cause for concern. If you smell rotten eggs, burning, a strong gasoline smell, or an acrid odor, it’s time to have your vehicle assessed.

Dashboard Warning Lights

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Some odors that emit from your vehicle can be expected, while others could be cause for concern. If you smell rotten eggs, burning, a strong gasoline smell, or an acrid odor, it’s time to have your vehicle assessed.

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When you’re ready to ensure that your vehicle is healthy, road-safe, and ready for action, the certified technicians in our service center are here. To learn more about what we can offer you, give Miracle INFINITI of Augusta a call today.
Then, when it’s time for the professional care your set of wheels deserves, schedule an appointment online. We’ll have you back on the roads of Augusta and Martinez, GA, and North Augusta, SC, before you know it!
Contact us today to get started, and we’ll see you in the bays soon.


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